Merismos #Twenty-one 03.27.16 Opening Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13

 With a good, solid foundation, you can walk the walk of Jesus. Continuing five ways to wait: Hosea 12:6 continuously wait, constant way of life = waiting and resting.  Prov. 24:10  = strongest place for us is in the shadow of God’s wing; all of our  flaws will be revealed. Run to God continuously for direction; never  lean on your own understanding.  Jer 12:5 If footmen tire, then how will horses not get weary?  1Kings 18:46 The Lord can alter your physical condition if you have faith.  All boils down to lack of trust. 1Cor10:13 All temptation is common to man. Pet 4:12  Rejoice as partakers in Jesus’ suffering.  Learning Releasing the  Spirit (take all bonds off.)  Trusting God takes full brokenness.  The  Greek word “Zoe” means breath of God = law of the Spirit, not of the  flesh.  Prov 4:20-23 God’s very words are our life, health, and flesh. 

Merismos #Twenty 03.20.16 Opening Scriptures Heb 4: 12,13

 You must divide soulMan and Spirit Man.  Many don’t know how they live.  How does God deal with all these aspects of all this?  Amos 3:3  The Spirit and soul cannot be in unity if they can’t agree.  Isa 40:31  While you wait on the Lord, you can walk in His power.  Five major ways  to wait:  1) earnestly; 2) patiently; 3) quietly; 4) continuously; 5  waiting only. 1) Ernestly, Psalms 106:12, 13 They sang His praise but forgot his works. Verse 14, Ask outside the will of God, but you will never find satisfaction in it.  Prov 16:1  Issues from the mouth are God’s.  Cannot draw salt water from a fresh  water well.  Whatever you do repetitiously can become religion, which  can kill you.  Mark 4:26-29 You may do all the steps and never be involved in the harvest. Isa. 40:31 Our job is to follow the Spirit, to discern between good and evil, and to run and not be weary. Psalm 37:3-7  Commit yourself to the Lord, wait patiently, and He will teach you in the things you need for your ministry.