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Above  Ivan and Shirley are staffing the new food bank, below.


 Above and below, volunteers prepare the new building. 


 Above and below, volunteers clear out the old food bank. 


The new People's Food Bank and Public  Shower House prayed for by The Church of Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona at  the beginning of last season, 2014 both have come to fruition.  Once  the food bank building was donated, we prayed up the money for the  contractor required to help construct it, and by May 2015, volunteers  moved goods from the back of the old Quonset hut that had been in use  since the foundation of the Isaiah 58 Project.

    The old shelves were still usable, but we needed more, for now we would  be able to store a much larger quantity of food due to a place that is  not only twice as big, but also much better insulated.  Prayer went out  again, and the same week, an Isaiah Church member found the needed  shelving in a local dumpster--needing only a a little cleaning and some  paint.

For  many years volunteer Bill (shown sweeping, above) has handled all  aspects of the People's Food Bank, a very entailed job--including  sorting, stocking, and handing out food.  One allotment per week per  person present is allowed. New Food Bank volunteers Ivan and Shirley are  pictured in the far right corner above. Thank you to everyone involved  -- sorry if we didn't get your pic!

The  Church received an initial response concerning the second major project  that had been prayed for--a new public shower house--in January 2015,  from Northern Lake Community Church in Cumberland Wisconsin.  They sent a crew to begin work in the fall and the shower house is built and in use. 

   Praise God, and thank you to all of you who love and serve Him.