Linda Hobby Speaker 06.05.16 The Seven Steps to Completed Sin.

 1.  Temptation, the thought of evil, which can be so strong that you  feel like you have already sinned.  

2.  Drawn:  Satan will always work  on your weakest link.  No longer just an idle thought, is starting to  take form. 

3. Lust=pleasurable fantasy. 

4.  Enticement, weakening of the  will.  5. Entire yielding of the will. 

6.  Becoming one with it, in  full agreement. 

7.  Consequences of sin not repented for  spiritual  death.  Also a brief list of 8 steps to remove the sin.  Various  scriptures.  We must lay down our pride, egos, and intellectualism 

Pastor Mike's last sermons: 05.29.16 Beginning in 1John 5:1-11

 Jesus was sent forth to proclaim his Father and to die for our sins.  If  you love Jesus, you love God, including the Holy Spirit.  These three  are One.  If you are born from above, God is your Father.  There is a  sin that is not unto death:  self-reliance, but you will miss God's will  for you and His blessings in your life.  Believing on Jesus gives you  righteousness, the ability to go under God's wing and stay there.   Suggest reading entire chapter. 

Sermon 05.22.16 Beginning Scriptures: The Book of Jude:

 Three Old Testament examples of how the modern church may be falling  into apostasy. Cain’s offering to God was inferior to his brother  Abel’s, so Cain killed him in jealousy and was doomed by God to wander  in the wilderness, marked so that he wouldn’t be killed.  Religion has  gone the way of Cain = he did it his way. Fight the tendency to do  things your own way.  Read about Balaam in The Book of Numbers;   another form of religion is selling God’s gifts for profit.  The third  example is the Gain-saying men of Exodus who challenged Moses’ authority  with 250 followers, then with 4000, all who were all destroyed by God’s  punishment.  People today still want to challenge authority, even if  they are called by God and are Holy.  Jesus said, “Pray that you are  found worthy.”  We will be walking with Him in eternity only  because of  His righteousness 

Sermon 05.15.16 Opening Scripture Rom 15:1-11

 We need to understand God's promises.  God is in charge and doesn't take  council.  Even Satan is just a tool of God's.  Satan cannot do anything  that god will not let him.  God's wrath is going to come down upon the  people of disobedience.  Our hope is an anchor to keep us, for this is  not our home.  We will put on greatness, and walk with Christ Jesus.  Be  encouraged.  The whole purpose of this Age is to bring the Gentiles  unto God 

Sermon 05.08.16 Mother's Day Scriptures John 14:27-31

 Don't stop praying for your families over whom you have  been given authority.  Jesus tells us not to be troubled nor be  afraid.  Times are rough, but your heart must stay soft.  The peace that  God gives you is different that the peace in the world.  

Sermon 05.01.16 Beginning Scriptures: John 3:14-21

 In the Garden of Eden, Man decided to live independently of God, in  spiritual darkness.  God loved us so much, that He gave His only  begotten Son for all sin to be taken upon His Son.  In due time, a  church of believers came forth.  1 Pet 2:9  Jesus  called you out of darkness with His marvelous light.  Learn God’s Will  and pray accordingly.  God’s will is that we have peace, love, and a  sound mind.  The world cannot take those away from us. 1 Cor 11:24,25  Communion, not to be taken lightly, but to be a monthly cleansing of ourselves from the “dust” of this world. 


Sermon 04.24.16 Opening Scripture 1Thes 5:1-11

 Of the seven festivals of God, today is  the first day of The Festival of Unleavened Bread.  In the Old  Testament, people took all leaven (a symbol for sin) out of their  homes.   All of the festivals are a physical example of a spiritual  process.  Today is also the day of First Fruits. The principle is that  we should be mature in our calling by now; Jesus was The First Fruit and  there will be a “harvest” of the rest of us. The next major holiday is  Pentecost, the day Moses was given the ten commandments and later, the  first day the Church began.  Pentecost begins 50 days from today.  Learn  who you are in Christ.  Separate yourself from sin.  Get ready for a  soon-coming King. 

Sermon 04.17.16 Beginning Scriptures 1James 1:22-25

 We all have problems,  faults, but too many Christians act one way in church on Sunday and then  behave differently the rest of the week. Verse 25.  We have the freedom to worship God, but having the freedom to worship  God in liberty means the freedom to worship according to the Holy  Spirit's direction--having the ability because of Christ Jesus--to  follow God's will. Matt 5:17-20  Scribes and Pharisees  were the leaders of the day (the ones who turned 10 commandments into  3000 laws.)  As soon as we create laws, we fall short.  The world is  constantly restricting us because we worry about such things as what  other people will think of us.  Our church is different than most  in  that we have the liberty here to sing, dance, make a joyful noise unto  the Lord--as long as no furniture is broken.  Seriously, true liberty of  Jesus is to love one another as you love your neighbor and to love the  Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.   Let's not think of ourselves too highly, but love one another, pray for  one another.  Don't hold back.  Allow God to show you what to do. 

Sermon 04.10.16 Beginning Scriptures 1Pet 2:1-5

 Each of us is a stone that builds the church of Christ all over the world.  We are called forth to be royal priests.  Ex 19:5   This generation will stand out and become a holy nation.  Continue  studying on your own how later the Isrealites held back.  We need not to  hesitate when we feel a calling on our life.  1Pet 2:9   We are a chosen, a royal priesthood, purchased by the blood of Jesus.   Wherever you go, you will find others with the fellowship of God to set  spiritual "stones"  together for the building of the Temple of God.  The  Book of Revelations tells us that God will be giving us a small white  stone in heaven.  The stone will have God’s name for us written upon it,  the meaning of which only He and we will understand. 

Communion Sunday 04.03.16 Opening Scriptures 1 Cor 11:28

 Judge yourselves, and you will not be  judged.  There are 7 judgements written about in the bible. 1) Our  judgement on Him at the cross = wherever Christ is, we will be.  2) 1 Cor 11:31 is self judgement. 3) 2Cor 5:10We will be judged by our works = rewards. 4) Matt 25:32 Second Coming judgement on earth  of nations; 5) also judgement of Israel. 6) Jude 6 White Throne judgement in the air = does away with death.  7) Rev 20:12  Judgement of the dead, also reward or loss for works. God is trying to  teach you what you've learned in the world:  what is left is  righteousness.  Jesus will never condemn you. 

Easter Sunday 03.27.16 Opening Scriptures John

 20:1-10  You have the  power to overcome the world. The last thing you will overcome is death,  just as Christ Jesus did. Whosoever should cry out to Christ Jesus, will  be saved. (Recommended reading:  entire Chapter 20 of St. John.)