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Merismos Nineteen 03.13.16 Opening Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13

The whole purpose of this study.  The heart is changed, and the new man  comes out.  We receive hearing through waiting.  Sometimes you have a  long time to wait upon Jesus, often until the last minute.  James 1:22  Forgiving is not an emotion but a spiritual experience.  Some people  rule out waiting because, "I have faith and don't need to wait".  Others  never get an answer, so see no need to wait for something that doesn't  come.  Phil 2:12 Do you serve God or yourself?  Palms 62:5-8 You can learn to wait.  Jer 1:4 God is actually speaking to him.  Rom 8:7 If you keep one foot in the world, you will have a double-minded heart, and you will never hear God.  Matt 12:34  Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  The mind is not in  charge; the heart is.  The center of you--the same thing that draws you  to God--is what needs to learn to listen.  Read Eze 36:26, 27; Col 3:2; Eph 6:11-17; Amos 3:3,  and listen to this great lesson.  If our soul and your spirit are not  in agreement, they cannot come into unity.  Once in unity, you can do  all thing through Christ who strengthens you.  

Merismos # Eighteen 03.06.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13. 1Pet 2:24, 25

 A Bishop of souls is not just a Good Shepherd or an overseer, but is  someone placed over others.  Must transform from carnal to spiritual.  1Pet 5:2   We have different realms within us: soul, body, and spirit (if  quickened.)  Transition to spirit is the hard part. Too often the  soulMan is yelling and causing too many problems for you to be able to  hear God.  Heb 5:11-14 Many never get past being  carnal. We make our own decisions, do our own thing. This study is  trying to each enough wisdom to move into your ministry by denying of  self, not what you feel, but what you are created for. Pick up your  cross.  Pray and study.  You must wait upon the Lord.  May take a long  time.  Your soul doesn’t have a right to lead your life.  Corrupt  thought, will, and emotions must die so that God can guide you. Luke 9:23  God wants you to prosper and learn what it is to be a leader.  He wants  you to have the resources to do His will.  Remember, God is in charge.   Only His thinking matters. Often painful and difficult.  2Cor 10:4, 5 Pride, self-reliance are wrong for you.  Your will goes into self-rebellion.  1Sam 15:22-24  To obey is better than to sacrifice.  A lot of social pressure=do you  truly fear God, or do you fear the people around you?  Often we simply  reap what we have sown. 

Merismos #Seventeen 02.28.16 Opening scriptures Heb 4:12, 13; John 17:22

 Jesus talking about fallen state of Man=living  independent of God.  OldMan has to die so new Man can come forth, or you  will never get anywhere.  John 6:38 Jesus reveals that His thought, will, and emotions are aligned with God's.  John 14:10 Allow the Spirit to move through you.  Die to self, and you can move in the very things of God.  Isa 53:10-12  Part of problem=comparing self with others.  Through Jesus, you have  the righteousness to put down your soulMan and pick up the Spirit. John 12:24-26 You will reap what you sow.  Every one is called to something, so prepare to die to self.  Matt 26:38 Jesus is the perfect intercessor because he knows us since he became fully human.  Matt 26:26-28  Jesus words spiritual,but many stuck in the carnal, taking His words  literally.  God is the only one who can raise you up, and He will.  Are  you willing to be spent? 

Merismos # Sixteen 02.21.16 Opening Scriptures Heb 4: 12, 13

 Continuing the renewal of the mind. Eph 4:23, 24   When born again you are totally cleansed.  Your inner Man becomes  alive; however, the old Man is still alive. A battle between the Spirit  and the soul begins.  A Divided house cannot stand.  You must separate  yourself, become holy or remain double-minded and worldly in the flesh  and not in the Spirit.  Rom 6:4  Baptism is renewal.  James 1:19-21   Hopefully, most of us have the goal to become mature Christians.  As  such, we must become swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.  Heb 5:11 We must exercise our senses for discernment between good and evil.  Rom 4:21 Not working for God but with God. Matt 26:36-46 Each of us must go through his or her own Gethsemane process=only place in bible where Jesus struggles with his humanity.  Phil 3:10  Conformable unto His death=through sanctification, we become more and  more like Jesus.  Also, the Father gave Jesus the power to put down His  life and to pick it back up again.  We must be willing to sacrifice to  understand better.      

Merismos # Fifteen 02.14.16 Opening Scriptures Heb 4: 12, 13

 We are born dualistic.  When  reborn=suddenly we are triune, three in one, with a quickened Spirit.   Rom 12:1,2 Be not conformed (peer pressure) to please man.  Be  transformed from one reality to another, through surrender to God.  Some  Christians don’t know that they have to mature, align soul and spirit  with God’s will.  A few terms that influence change:  1) Source = James  3:5  We accept outside influence (indirectly) through the tongue. 2)  Knowledge:  thought processes started by old memories; new knowledge  coming from the heart, entering into the mind of Christ. 3) Thinking:   James 1:21 receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to  save your soul. 4) Belief:  Mark 11:23  Believe with no doubt in heart  (thoughts, will, and emotions.)
Matt 17:1,2 Jesus’ transfiguration.  2Cor 10:3-6 Weapons of warfare. Jer 23:29 God breaks the Rock of  Reproach.  Rom 12:1,2 Feed the new Man, the inner Man (Isaac.)  Starve  the old Man, soul Man (Ishmael) and have control. Eph 4:23, 24  Be  renewed in the Spirit of your mind, which after God is created in  righteousness and true holiness.