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Merismos Fourteen 01.31.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12,13

 When Adam ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil his  Spirit died.  Jesus dying on the cross made it possible for God to  quicken our spirits, for us to be reborn in Christ. Acts 5:1-4  Ananias and his wife didn’t have to lie; however, because they were  “naked” before God, He saw their dishonesty.  Many concepts are shown  through parables. You must be certain your calling, ministry is  influenced by God and not Satan.  James1:19   Super-soul=demonic influence.  Saul of Tarsus good example: he believed  that he was doing good by killing Christians and destroying churches.  James 3:13  Where envying and strife is, there is every evil work.  Merismos of the  mind.  This study=what is soul and what is Spirit=only God can  determine the difference.  Rom 12:1 Be transformed by  the renewal of your mind.  We should be like caterpillars changing into  butterflies.  Carnal Christians will never become butterflies, or fly on  wings as eagles.  You have to give in to the teachings of the Spirit by  cutting off evil influences and aligning your soul and Spirit with  God’s will, God’s word. 2Cor 10:4,5 Most people don’t  even realize there is a war going on.  Satan’s number one lie is that he  doesn’t exist.  The devil was already defeated by Jesus at the cross.   Draw near to God, resist the devil, and the devil must flee.  Become  thoroughly equipped for your ministry through this study. 

Merismos Thirteen 01.24.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12,13

 Teaches mankind rightly to divide the word of God i.e. Spirit and Soul.  Lev 19:31, 20:6 Pharmaceuticals, witchcraft will take over the world in the end times. Deut 18:9-14 God's  people will not learn of familiar spirits, or enchanters, etc. Ouija  Boards, games such as dungeons and dragons, horoscopes, all can  unintentionally open doors to evil. Rom 6:11-13 The  freedom Christ gives us, religion takes away. Thoughts, will, and  emotions are not your enemy.  The problem is they are corrupted.  Must  surrender and align with God's will.  Respond when Spirit is leading to  become mature enough to know the difference between good and evil.  Even  through His trials, Jesus had to mature to learn to be obedient.  Rom 8:1 Condemnation always comes from the demonic.  Satan has no power except what you give him because of the cross. 

Merismos Twelve 01.17.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13.Heb 5:11

 Over-soul = devil’s influence in the world. Your thinking might make sense to the world but often isn’t Godly.  Matt 16:22,23  Peter was not possessed but influenced by Satan because God wanted the  crucifixion to happen. Must be able to exercise your senses you grow to  know the difference between good and evil. You are possessed by the Holy  Spirit. 2Cor 10:4 The fight is for control of your  soul. If you think the devil doesn’t exist, he can get at you. People  don’t understand why they need a redeemer because they think that  they’re good. Three things your soul does automatically: 1. Your self  will always be boasting; 2. will embellish everything, be a braggart; 3.  can’t help but be puffed up. If you don’t show me respect, I’ll kill  you: turns something unimportant into important.  Isa 14:12   Mythology based on truth but is satanic. Satan trying to teach you  things that are not so:  #1 Satan does not have a kingdom and will not  rule over hell. #2 He is always comparing himself to God, wants you to  think that he is God, comes as an angel of light and deceives many  because they don’t know the difference. #2 He is not a king, has no  throne, is not omnipresent nor are his demons. #3 He is confined to this  earth. Satan has a great wrath and is an accuser of the brethren. Truth  = Hell is Satan’s prison. God can cleanse you of all unrighteousness. 

Merismos Eleven 01.10.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13

 The Greek word Merismos means “dividing  asunder,” delving into the deepest meanings of God’s word.   The purpose  of this study is to train born again Christians in their ministries. 1Pet 5:5,6  Our hearts are wicked and ultimately deceitful.  God knows our secrets  as all are naked before him.  Clothe self in humility; you’ll be okay.  Pulpit mentality = people believe that whatever is said from the pulpit  must be true, but this is not so.  Rom 12:1,2 A divided  self without maturity in Christ gives an in-road to the devil and will  never have security.  Be transformed by the renewing of your mind  (as a  caterpillar becomes a butterfly)  so that you can come into the  acceptable will of God for you, in a subservient role.   If you have  never wanted the Truth, you will stay a carnal Christian, and may be  sealed in damnation.  Luke 9:51-56  Logic tells us not  to do something, but we must go by the word of God.  The devil will  always be there to talk you out of it.  Matt 16: 21,22,23  The disciples didn’t understand why the crucifixion was necessary  because they didn’t have the Holy Ghost yet.  Salvation is a process.   The soul, the oldMan, will always want to exalt itself. 2Cor 10:3,5  Our  warfare is not carnal; the physical is an illusion. Spirituality is  true reality. Calm your soul down and listen, and you will learn. Satin  has different levels of oppression:  direct and indirect.  If you know  that you are doing wrong, stop it. 

Merismos Ten 01.03.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13

  When you are  quickened--made alive--you obtain an inner Spirit Man, coming out of  self-awareness into spiritual mindset. Problem not thoughts will and  emotions, just corrupted ones that are not in alignment with the will of  God.  Heb 12:3-7 Strengthen your inner man and save  your soul through the washing of the water of the word, prayer, works,  etc.  Divided heart=double-minded man cannot receive from God. Heb 10:32 After being reborn, you start an inner fight when you begin to return to yourself.  EZ 11:19,20 God  promises a fleshly heart instead of a stony one so that we may walk in  his statutes.  Jesus defeated Satin at the cross.  He can't influence  you unless you let him.  Study the word for yourself.  Ask questions of  the Holy Spirit, and He will answer.  You must be discipled or stay a  carnal Christian. 1 Pet 5:5,6  The purpose of the  church is to encourage and assist each other.  Jesus gave us the example  of how we should walk in the will of the Father.  The main reason  Christians fall back into the world=they have no one to ask questions.   Get excited for we have a soon-coming King. 

Merismos Nine12.27.15 Merismos beginning Scriptures Heb 4:12, 13

 Being reborn takes the intervention of God  in your life to quicken your spirit.  Experience the Liberty of  Christ=power over your own flesh.  James 1:21 Receive  with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your Soul=align  your Soul with His Spirit, walking in the Spirit directly, letting Him  direct you.  God wants you to be spiritually strong=He chose you to  endure these end times. Phil 2:12,13 Work out your own  salvation with fear and trembling (with reverence and awe, for God has  something for you=get excited about it. 3John 2:2 Must grow into confidence with self control, submitting to God.  The "oldMan" keeps pressing in, bringing up old thoughts. Heb 10:32 When  reborn, suddenly the Spirit is there but grows into conflict.  God  gives you spiritual insight.  What are you going to do about it?  Salvation of Soul must be embedded in heart or double minded heart will  produce a reprobate mind.  Believe with Spirit, and have no doubts.