An Open Letter


Greetings to my brothers and sisters in  the fellowship of Christ Jesus our Lord.  And if any who are reading  this have not received Jesus as Lord and savior, I pray in reading this  letter of encouragement that you would be inspired by the faith and hope  that can only come by the Father, through the Son who gifts us with the  measure of faith to believe and receive His death, burial, and  resurrection by the inspiration of the blessed Holly Spirit unto  Salvation and eternal life.  Actually, it's quite simple, "Say 'yes' to  Jesus.  As testimony to what Jesus has done in my life, I can in all  honesty and transparency say I am a new creation in every aspect of my  life.  I am no longer lost, hopeless, helpless, deceived, abandoned, in  anguish, dejected, abused, or oppressed.  I can go on and on.  Consider  any negative thing-been there done that.  If that is where you are,  how's it working for you?

      The time is short.  People used to say get ready Jesus is coming soon.   Now we say be ready.  There is no time to waste.  Prophecy is being  fulfilled at an accelerated speed.  I still have children and  grandchildren out there who aren't serving the Lord.  My mother's heart  is crying out to God, "Father your word promises the salvation of my  household."  I've always  hoped and dreamed that we could experience the  joy of the Lord together, that Jesus would be the center of our entire  household.  I still believe that is truly God's will.  I believe God is  faithful.  I believe God is full of mercy and forgiveness.

       I know all of us struggle in this particular area and desire with  our whole heart that our loved ones will finally surrender so that  Christ Jesus can heal them and complete His perfect plan.  All of this  is to say we must hang on to our faith.  I know sometimes it feels like a  ride on a roller-coaster.  Hang on and stay focused because the Lord  will finish what he has started.  He will change what Satan has planned  against us and turn it into a blessing.  Brother Joe Ferguson says, "Our  God is the only one who can unscramble eggs."  I believe it.  Our God  is awesome.

     God  planted Mike and me in Quartzsite, Arizona because He had a plan.  We  are happy to serve Him and be a part of His plan.  We will continue to  praise Him and serve Him in the good times and the difficult times,  knowing we are well equipped, and God is faithful even unto eternity.   It is time to fight the good fight.  Hold on to the truth that has set  you free.  Be a doer of the word.  Let us continue to encourage one  another in the coming days, knowing our God is right on course, and we  are all partakers of His goodness and Grace.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.  

 Peace be with you always,  Pastor Linda Hobby